November 2010

  1. Discontinued my Balsamiq Mockups image map conversion tool
  2. Announced a UX lunch for November 4

October 2010

  1. Test assembly of a book scanning platform. Housecat for scale, $70 from Ponoko. (Twitter)
  2. “Something about how ‘a startup is the new ARPA,’ but then I don’t know what to do with the leftover ‘sttu’ letters.” (Twitter)
  3. Design workshops on hiatus except for sponsored sessions
  4. I’m not sure I'd put a ton of stock in the references the author cited. The primary reference is a book called ‘Game-based Marketing,’ which is by two authors who have never made or worked on a game.” (Hacker News)
  5. The study of how the users will interact with the application is the difference between throwing a bunch of controls in a window, and designing the experience they will have.” (Hacker News)
  6. “We’re not teachers or experts; we’re the shoulders others stand on.” (Twitter)
  7. “We’re not building things for n00bs; more like proud service: designers are butlers polishing the tools for the day.” (Twitter)

September 2010

  1. “I secretly dream of getting in touch with Jan V. White and helping rewrite his print design books for interaction designers.” (Twitter)
  2. Relaunched as a cross-group city-wide design event calendar
  3. “Idea: Wireframing paper w/ various grids, shapes, etc., printed on newsprint; encourages disposability, sharing?” (Twitter)
  4. “By default, social networks make your friends list public. It’s also usually on your home and profile pages. Why?” (Twitter)
  5. “Why is the default behaviour of a social network to make my friends list public? A social proof? A dashboard for me? Other?” (Twitter)
  6. “For what purpose do social networks publicize my list of friends?” (Twitter)
  7. Announced a UX lunch in South Austin for October 1
  8. You’ll never be able to ‘let’s just add badges!’ just like you can’t ‘let’s use gradients and glossy buttons!’ to move the needle.” (Hacker News)
  9. “Blog posts with comments house similar data to forum threads. Are the conversations different? How? What affect, design?” (Twitter)
  10. “Also interested in research on how different layouts change conversation styles and social norms (e.g. blogs v. usenet).” (Twitter)
  11. “Know of studies on the reading comprehension/speed/comfort of different web forum/bulletin board thread/post layouts?” (Twitter)
  12. “They hire your experience, not your methodology; repeatable processes don’t mean repeatable success.” (Twitter)
  13. “‘If buttons had no value why would Nokia use them?’ assumes designers think critically about use instead of ‘the way it’s done.’ Many don’t.” (Twitter)
  14. “Jonathan Schwartz’s ‘Picture of Health’ ≅ Dorian Gray + BERG’s Attention Fader ≅ doctors + ambient wellness information + on-screen to-dos?” (Twitter)
  15. Announced a UX lunch in North Austin for September 14
  16. Launched the “Game Systems” landing page for which I did the information architecture, designed the wireframes and prototyped the interactions
  17. “FouRxquare? Doctors ‘check in’ to various illnesses, vital organs, get badges for successful treatments.” (Twitter)

August 2010

  1. “Four wireframes and four hundred words for a startup, because they asked.” (Twitter)
  2. Announced a UX lunch for August 31
  3. Some anecdotes from running multiple forum sites over the years:” (Hacker News)
  4. “Maybe meaning cures burnout.” (Twitter)
  5. “Salespeople and docs will get a ‘broken’ product selling better than one that works, works better or has better UX.” (Twitter)
  6. Next design workshop is designing future things, date TBD
  7. “The first social network that is smart enough to not suggest exes as ‘friends you may know’ or ‘who to follow’ will be the winner.” (Twitter)
  8. “But a traditional publisher rolls all of those things up, correct? What if they were all separate? How might that work?” (Twitter)
  9. “That’s what I mean by new business models, e.g. could a business doing only that initial curation be respected & profitable?” (Twitter)
  10. “That analysis might be enlightening. Establish the value of publishers. Suggest new business models around partial services.” (Twitter)
  11. “If I wanted to hire an editor to edit my book, what does that cost? And to hire a layout designer to typeset it. Etc.” (Twitter)
  12. “If a publisher provides editing, marketing, design and distribution, what does it cost to hire for each of those myself?” (Twitter)
  13. In a previous workshop, we talked about what’s necessary to call yourself a UX.” (Hacker News)
  14. “Sent tonight’s 21 UX workshop attendees home with their choice from $600 in design books, from Buxton, Nielsen, Norman, Tufte and others.” (Twitter)
  15. UX book list
  16. A preview of Monday night’s workshop! You should come; I think the takeaways will be valuable. (Twitter)
  17. What you see as spoon-feeding is what normal men and women see as proper, instructive socialization.” (Reddit thread on sexism in open source)
  18. It’s depressingly cultural for open source to be dick-measuringly sexist, but Microsoft makes money when they’re friendly to women.” (Reddit thread on sexism in open source)

July 2010

  1. I realized that [wearable computing] hardware is pretty much a solved problem, and has been for years. You can’t do what you want, because the software doesn’t exist outside of individual researchers’ equipment.” (Hacker News)
  2. One of the processes I fall back on when I’m stuck, creatively-speaking, is sketching according to LATCH.” (Hacker News)
  3. “If, as a publisher, you want one content format in and multiple formats out, automatically, you’re phoning it in.” (Twitter)
  4. “HTML source formats can do everything XML source formats can, except HTML also works on the web” (Twitter)
  5. Next design workshop is an introduction to design artifacts, by request
  6. Next design workshop is practicing communicating with non-designers, by request
  7. “Changing the summary of Hick’s Law and not the actual equation or research is like editing the Cliffs Notes and saying your novel is better.” (Twitter)
  8. The ethos of design is very different from that of open-source development and they are, perhaps, incompatible.” (Hacker News)
  9. Next design workshop is a critique of Sched, by request

June 2010

  1. A draft skill levels spreadsheet
  2. An approximation of Brendan Kenny’s organization of the three dimensions of skill levels: level of knowledge (1-6), experience (theory/hobby/commercial) and subject matter.
  3. An approximation of Vincent Gable’s organization of the three dimensions of skill levels: level of knowledge (1-6), experience (theory/hobby/commercial) and subject matter.
  4. Next design workshop is discussing UX skill levels
  5. Feedback is tough. In the workshops I run, getting good criticism about something you thought up and sketched only five minutes ago is nearly impossible. What I’ve found success in doing is three things:” (Hacker News)
  6. Slides and references from the “Tag Clouds Suck!” workshop
  7. Just like CGI helped George Lucas eliminate actors, if you can build something that eliminates the need for more [video game industry] artists, you’ll be able to sell that.” (Hacker News)
  8. Next design workshop is on how tag clouds suck

May 2010

  1. UX as a discipline is still pretty unrefined: people are only just now realizing that you need actual (traditional) design (art, usability, ergonomics, cognitive science, psychology) skills to really do your job well.” (Hacker News)
  2. Pascal Finette at Mozilla Labs says some very nice things about my design workshops
  3. “Theory: there is no use case for which a tag cloud is a correct answer.” (Twitter)
  4. Public domain design (visual/graphic/typographic) texts in Google Books (Twitter)
  5. Next design workshop is brainstorming around social media
  6. Scott Handsaker of Eventarc also calls my business cards the best of SXSW 2010
  7. Next design workshop is critiques
  8. You’re not delivering a package, you’re meeting a stranger and taking a package on a secret mission!” (Hacker News)

April 2010

  1. Notes for my game mechanics workshop
  2. A preview of my notes for Monday’s design workshop on game mechanics” (Twitter)
  3. Good web design is good design first, with accommodations made for low-resolution text, small viewports, backlighting, scrolling and pointers.” (Hacker News)
  4. Next design workshop is on game mechanics
  5. Initial to-do for a Drupal module developer UX guide (Drupal Usability)
  6. Thanks for talking with me at DrupalCon SF 2010!
  7. Next design workshop is on brainstorming

March 2010

  1. Design review for “Biographies”
  2. Developing asynchronous web services on Windows
  3. A little closer to being able to develop on iPhone/iPad” (Twitter)
  4. Debugged canvas text rendering in Mozilla Bespin Embedded 0.6.2 on iPhone (Mozilla Bugzilla)
  5. Debugged JSON in Mozilla Bespin Embedded 0.6.2 on iPhone (Mozilla Bugzilla)
  6. Next design workshop is on metrics
  7. I’d have done market research first. [My startups] all failed because the intended market didn’t exist and I couldn’t afford to retarget.” (Hacker News)
  8. [M]aybe investing one’s time in Drupal is seen as a big risk to one’s resume. If that’s the problem, what’s the solution?” (GeekAustin)
  9. Whiteboarding the DNA of IA: Alphabetical, Chronological, Geographic, Taxonomic (DNA is ACGT; was Wurman’s LATCH)” (Twitter)
  10. Screen printing the Drupal druplicon yesterday” (Twitter)
  11. Microsoft makes developers feel wanted. Apple makes developers feel like artists. What does Drupal make developers feel like?” (GeekAustin)
  12. About those neat instant photo business cards
  13. Nick Disabato, writer of Cadence & Slang, calls my business cards the best of SXSW 2010
  14. “SXSW business card stats: 19% of cards were a non-standard size, 75% of those were Moo cards” (Twitter)
  15. “SXSW business card stats: of those with Twitter profiles, 40% were personal; 60% were company cards, but the holder was a principal” (Twitter)
  16. “SXSW business card stats: 100% had email addresses, 95% had phone numbers, 71% had web sites, 24% had Twitter profiles” (Twitter)
  17. “Amazon’s PayPhrase is Jef Raskin’s ‘simplified sign-ons’ (6.4.3 in Humane Interface) plus a masked PIN to prevent shoulder-surfing.” (Twitter)
  18. Thanks for talking with me at SXSW 2010!
  19. No design practice during SXSW
  20. “When you say, ‘I want to make things, not just glue things together,’ I hear, ‘I want to putter, not just ship.’” (Twitter)
  21. “ACGT is the DNA of IA: Alphabetical, Chronological, Geographic, Taxonomic (was: Wurman’s LATCH)” (Twitter)

February 2010

  1. Next design workshop location in Austin announced
  2. Design (and related) groups in Austin, TX (GeekAustin)
  3. Next design workshop location in Austin announced
  4. Added the artifacts and analysis from the first design workshop

January 2010

  1. Next design practice workshop location in Austin announced
  2. “My experience being hired for UX is They want to see artifacts taking entire flows from reqs→sketches→wireframes→prototypes→execution.” (Twitter)
  3. Regarding the Nexus One’s speech-recognition censoring: Dragon Dictation on the iPhone (Twitter)
  4. Next UX/IxD/UI/etc. design practice workshop location in Austin announced

December 2009

  1. First UX/IxD/UI/etc. design practice workshop location in Austin announced
  2. URI canonicalization with an X-Canonical-URI a LINK HTTP header” (Hacker News)
  3. Practice user experience and interaction design with your peers

November 2009

  1. Backed Nick Disabato’s book on interaction design, Cadence & Slang, on Kickstarter
  2. Released v0.051 of the Balsamiq Mockups conversion tool
  3. Released v0.050 of the Balsamiq Mockups conversion tool
  4. Released v0.042 of the Balsamiq Mockups conversion tool

October 2009

  1. Released v0.041 of the Balsamiq Mockups conversion tool

September 2009

  1. How to choose a Drupal module (Austin Drupal Meetup)

August 2009

  1. Released v0.04 of the Balsamiq Mockups conversion tool

July 2009

  1. Turn Balsamiq Mockups wireframes into clickable imagemaps

June 2009

  1. Smart kid can’t find a direct way to tell faceless companies his smart ideas so they can implement them, so he founds a startup…” (Hacker News)
  2. Python library/framework for writing P2P applications (Stack Overflow)
  3. Paging in a REST collection (Stack Overflow)

May 2009

  1. ‘Vertical slice,’ building a portion of the game on your own, really is the best way to do it, not just because it’s the fast-track, but because only by actually building and playing it will you discover if your ideas are any good or not.” (Polycount game design discussion)
  2. Regarding Lee Jang Sub’s “ComplexCity”

November 2008

  1. Plans for that

July 2008

  1. There will be no Web 3.0

May 2008

  1. How oEmbed and differential GET could work using existing HTTP semantics

April 2008

  1. If you’re an artist and you make money by licensing your work out (not work for hire), and you’re not registering it with the Copyright Office, you’re an idiot. Please give me your URLs so I can steal your shit, make money from it, and then use that money to buy a plane ticket to fly to your house and kick you in the nuts.” (Polycount orphan works and copyright thread)

February 2008

  1. Rebooting a newspaper’s online presence

January 2008

  1. Mockups and discussion of Mozilla Firefox crash reporter UI improvements (Mozilla Bugzilla)

December 2007

  1. Mockups and discussion of Mozilla Firefox crash reporter UI improvements (Mozilla Bugzilla)

November 2007

  1. Mockups and discussion of Mozilla Firefox crash reporter UI improvements (Mozilla Bugzilla)
  2. Mockups and discussion of Mozilla Firefox crash reporter UI improvements (Mozilla Bugzilla)

April 2006

  1. I think it’ll take someone thinking about it from scratch, without looking at desktops and PDAs and phones, but starting over from a pad of paper and dayplanner and a rotary dial phone and a rolodex and saying, ‘Okay, now how can I make this better?’” (wear-hard mailing list)
  2. It’s the year 2006. But where are the better UIs? I was promised a better UI. I don't see any better UIs. Why? Why? Why?” (wear-hard mailing list)
  3. There’s no Jeff Hawkins for wearable/ubiquitous computing. There’s no-one who is walking around with a block of wood strapped to their back and face figuring out the best way a single mom middle manager with two kids is going to most effectively use a device that can orchestrate her entire day for her if she would only trust it.” (wear-hard mailing list)

November 2005

  1. Your right to restrict copying grants you the power to also not print out books if you so choose. But at the same time…if they have to do it themselves because you’re not meeting that need, then I think you’re the one being disrespectful. You're disrespecting the social and legal contract granted to you by the notion of copyright.” (AppleGeeks copyright discussion)
  2. Instead, by getting angry and vindictive towards a fan, you’re alienating a segment of your readership who, in being able to afford to take a PDF down to Kinkos or another print-on-demand publisher, would also be the first to buy your real books when they come out.” (AppleGeeks copyright discussion)

April 2005

  1. The crux of the arguments with my previous wiki logo and image design efforts, and the same ones that keep coming up here, is the idea that the logo must convey the ‘essence of wiki’ or ‘collaboration and sharing and co-authorship and community’ and all of that. It’s a wonderful notion, but it’s wrong.” (MoinMoin wiki branding discussion)

January 2001

  1. NASA Connect does a segment on the Virtual International Space Station project