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ComplexCity Rome
An image from Lee Jang Sub’s “ComplexCity” project: selective rendering of man-made features such as roadways to present a naturalistic form such as a leaf or tree.

I can imagine a rendering of someone’s hometown, with fruit growing at places important to them — or bugs or raindrops for renderings that look like leaves.

I can imagine an interactive rendering designed around their current location. Branches pulsing like veins as they travel down a street, or water trickling along capillaries in a leaf. Buds growing at stops they make. Blossoms flowering at locations they frequent.

I can imagine art made from an enlargement of an actual road map with the pattern literally cut out of it. Or, GIS software used to create a customized rendering, with neighborhoods drawn like leaves.

Discussed May 23, 2009
Lee Jang Sub, ComplexCity 2007–2008, via Coudal