Thanks for talking with me at DrupalCon San Francisco 2010!

I’m Vitorio, and I’m a user experience designer in Austin, TX.

Perhaps you got one of these snazzy instant photos with my card on the back (as seen during SXSW), or perhaps it was busy and you only got a hand-printed Druplicon card (a lovely parting gift). I’m sure I thoroughly enjoyed chatting with you, either way! (If you arrived here some other way, please allow me to summarize.)

I don’t always do front-end development, but when I do, I prefer Drupal.

I’m a practicing user experience and interaction designer, but am passionate about administrative themes for creative, high-performance content entry (such as supporting drag and drop and live previews), as well as developing HTML, CSS, JavaScript and theme code to support media-heavy designs that use Flash, XML and more (the Old Republic site certainly doesn’t look like your average Drupal site).

I have four years of professional interaction design experience,

primarily in web sites, web applications and browser-based interfaces for oddball hardware products.

I have many years background in web design and development,

primarily content management systems and sites for developers, publishers and large online communities.

I am currently a Web Interaction Designer for BioWare Austin, designing the user experience for their Star Wars: The Old Republic MMO web site (a Drupal site). Most of the work I’m doing are for features that won’t go live for several months to a year, but it’s all wireframes and prototypes all the time.

I also have a (recently updated) resume with links to other interesting things.

I am currently employed, but looking for:

I also run a UX design workshop every other week.

I’m told they’re a lot of fun, and we do brainstorming, wireframing and critiquing exercises to practice areas of our craft we might not otherwise get a chance to. If you’re in Austin, TX, you should attend!

You can reach me all sorts of ways.

I hope I was interesting in person. If you have an opening mid-June or around the end of July, a project you’d like to discuss for occasional or weekend work, or just want to talk about user experience, interaction design or Drupal, I hope you’ll be in touch.